Our Story

Desert Young had been a passion project for a few years now, it was really just a vision & a dream, which has now finally come to life!

Being a mother of two, I was determined and eager to make something for children that was different, stylish, unique and suitable for everyday, but most of all made from the softest and very best fabrics possible.

Everything that was found in stores were either too bright or with huge slogans, dinosaurs or animals, so I wanted to create something that was simple, neutral and over all a calmer colour palette.

As a parent I wanted a casual co-ordinate set (emphasis on ‘set’) so I didn't have to constantly worry about matching my children's tops with their trousers! I’m sure many parents’ can relate!

It all started from me doodling and sketching whilst already having my hands full with a fun loving toddler and also being pregnant with hyperemesis gravidarum almost two years ago. I knew I had my hands full but was adamant on pushing myself to make my dreams come true! Doodling eventually turned into designing and designing then turned into a beautiful finished product. The next step? Well I’m sure you already know, I had to bring my vision to life! Whilst it took many more hours than I expected, days of unpredictable sleepless nights whilst facing many obstacles along this long journey it was all worth it, as it led to my unbelievably proud creation, Desert Young.

Every trial and every predicament I was faced with was worth it. Throughout all the constant late night designing, emailing and conference calls, my children have been my biggest motivation!

I hope all of you can come on this amazing journey with me and support my new business venture and I hope you guys love the sets as much me and my family do!